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I am Illustrator/Animator/ Designer

I graduated from Parson the New school

At 5 years old I consider myself an artist. I am a seriously dedicated artist with the ability to incorporate both art and computers into my design mechanisms. I started my own online business to enhance my business skills and better develop my artwork. My accomplishments so far have motivated me to continue my growth and pursue a career as a professional artist. I am a hardworking team player, always looking forward to new ventures to explore in the world of art.


I descried my artwork as a crazy colorful dysfunctional family picnic that entreats people interests. My approach to my work is a surrealistic interpretation to real life scenarios of human interactions and world issues, as well to extract an emotion from the work and transform into an image, which can provoke a feeling or empathy from the viewer. The way I come up with ideas of my work by viewing and reading crazy cycle logical films and books, by washing TV Shows that are dysfunctional such as Jerry Springer, bad girls Club, the News and other types of dysfunctional TV shows. The tools that I distribute my work in forms of mix media, painting, draining, digital prints, toy design, and animations. The other forms of inspiration I look toured are performance art and fashion magazines, and fashion events that have cool and intrusting images, stories and forms with in them. By exposing human expression my work can come a crows as a controversial impression dealing with dramatic or forms of comedic imagery.


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